The value of MasDeFi

and Participatory.

The core value of blockchain is that it establishes a trustworthy and participatory decentralized platform without relying on the endorsement of any organization or individual. Importantly, MasDeFi serves to maximize this core value. It permits anyone to participate in the public blockchain consensus even without holding any stock share.

power of Blockchain

Versatility of Application

MasDeFi’s optimized zero-knowledge techniques enable a powerful fintech toolkit efficient enough for practical use. MasDeFi features fast and high-throughput confidential asset transfers, scaling to thousands per second. MasDeFi’s cryptographic accumulator allows validators to store kilobytes instead of terabytes.

Glogal Community

Next Generation Ledger

MasDeFi financializes infrastructural assets for maximizing efficiency of consensus and boosting onchain application usage. MasDeFi builds a financial channel to turn onchain assets into flexible and tradable financial products.


Staking Liquidity&Staking Easily&Developer ++

  • You can get Staking income by holding MAS, MAS is freely traded, used, and can be sold back to the original chain assets at any time without waiting for the unstaking time.
  • Get vToken through DEX, Dapp, and wallet, and hold vToken to participate in the original chain staking while retaining governance on the chain.
  • Empowering developers, based on MAS’s wallet, mining pool, Dapp, DeFi and other ecosystems will get staking gain from the chain layer. eg. when vToken is borrowed as collateral, it’s staking income can offset part of the interest and realize low-interest loans.
DeFi 2.0

One-stop DeFi 2.0 platform for credit lending, cross-chain derivative issuance, trading and asset management.

Infinite Scalability

MasDeFi provides investors limitless opportunities to make profits from credit-based lending with high leverage and derivative asset issuance in DeFi.

Easy to Use

Users pick and choose their risk profile and allocate across different derivatives while managing investments in real-time.

Secure + Sustainable

Community incentive and governance with an extensive Yield Farming model giving investors multiple opportunities to earn the most high interest.

Powered by Cross-chain Solutions


Integrate to other leading chains and their ecosystems (Cosmos, ETH, Polkadot and more), while enabling real-time connection to DeFi’s and other decentralized markets.




Road Map

Q2 2020
Alpha Protocol Development
Token Sale
token Sale
Q1 2021
Alpha Protocol V1 Published
Q2 2021
MainNet Lauch API/SDK for Developers
Q3 2021
Dashboard & Interface Beta Published
Q4 2020
50+ Asset Classes/Pairs Supported
Q1 2022
Integration with Ethereum Blockchain
Q2 2022
Asset & Risk Based Lending Launch
Q3 2022
Leverage Based Borrowing Launch

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